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Create amazing backdrops using Karton's Paperform wall tiles from MIO Culture. Available in 6 styles these paper based 3D wall tiles are easily applied enabling you to create stunning backdrops. And because they are paper, you can paint them any colour you want!

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You’ll love Karton’s brand NEW product! PaperForms is a new concept in surface coverings that gives you the ability to customise and re-define space on a budget. Transform a space in minutes with our modular 3D wallpaper tiles. Add colour and texture to a single wall or an entire room. Create your own pattern variation by rotating the tiles or painting them in your favourite colour. These lightweight, recycled paper modules come in packs of 12 one square foot (30.5cm x 30.5cm) tiles and can be installed temporarily with double-sided tape or permanently with wallpaper paste.


You can also use Paperforms in combination with our Nomad system! Whether you need to decorate a wall, create a freestanding partition or have something to hide, the Nomad cardboard modular system is for you! Nomad a modular architectural system that can be assembled into freestanding, temporary partitions without hardware, tools or damage to existing structures. It’s made from recycled, double-wall cardboard and it comes in packs of 24 modules, which makes it easy to assemble and move.


It’s available in 10 colours, which also makes it the perfect event decorating tool. It arrives flat-packed and will only take a matter of minutes to set up, so it’s perfect for events, temporary set-ups or spaces which need to be configured and changed quickly and effectively. And it can all be reused next time around!

Nomad and Paperforms are part of our complete range of Sustainable Event Solutions from Karton. No more dense instruction manuals, heavy lifting or hours of assembly; our affordable, durable and easy-to-assemble pieces can see you set up a space in just a couple of hours.



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