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Immersive digital experiences are hot right now. You can’t walk a trade show floor without seeing people wearing a headset and twirling on the spot as they virtually explore a space.

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Third Floor 3D was one of the first Australian businesses to own and use Matterport Pro Cameras and 360fly video cameras in 2015. Since then they have created hundreds of 3D tours and VR experiences for travel, hospitality, education and real estate clients.

To help function space owners dip their toes in this new technology Third Floor 3D have an end of financial year special where they will create a 360 video or VR experience of your space for less than $1,000 – no matter what size the space is.


But first let us explain the difference between VR and 360 video.

360-degree videos and photos capture a scene around the camera and when played back in a VR headset, can feel immersive. You can look around and even feel like you’re exploring the scenery, but you can’t interact with it much and you can’t travel within it.

VR transports you into another world that can be experienced and interacted with. Through VR headsets, loaded with sensors that track your head and eye movements, you can navigate through environments as if you were actually in them.

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360 video is great for sharing and engaging users on social media, but it’s limited because a user has to follow the story that the venue tells – it’s passive rather than engaging.

VR is great for getting people to stop and spend time exploring your space. Through the goggles or headset they can navigate the space, spending time exploring the aspects that are of most interest to them.

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A virtual tour is an immersive walk through embedded on your website so that visitors can experience your space anytime in 3D and at their own pace.

Call the team on (02) 9909 8686 to find out how little it will cost to capture your space in immersive 3D.

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