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Spice caught up with Tourism Australia Business Events' new Marketing and Communications Manager, Monica Armesto, to find out what she brings to the role.

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Spice caught up with Tourism Australia Business Events’ new Marketing and Communications Manager, Monica Armesto, to find out what she brings to the role.

What’s your professional background?
My career has taken me on a number of different paths, however destination marketing has been my calling for quite a number of years and is what I’m most passionate about. I’ve had the privilege to work for major organisations including Tourism New Zealand, Westfield, the Sydney Opera House and now Tourism Australia.

Before taking on this very exciting role of Marketing and Communications Manager for Business Events Australia, I was Project manager for Tourism Australia’s Restaurant Australia campaign. The aim of this campaign was to bring together incredible stories of our country’s people, produce and places to demonstrate to potential travellers that unique and world-class food and wine experiences are being served up in remarkable locations every day in Australia.

The culmination of this year-long campaign saw 80 o the world’s most influential and respected food and wine VIPs, including Heston Blumenthal and A. A. Gill, descend on Hobart to discover the stories behind our produce and cuisine, as well as sample a truly spectacular menu, created by consulting chefs Ben Shewry, Peter Gilmore and Neil Perry AM.

What have you learnt that will benefit you in your current role?
Strategic direction is key. It’s really important to have that clear vision of what needs to be achieved and ensuring everyone involved is on board at every step of the way. Delivering results is one thing but delivery of what you actually set out to achieve is the real testament to a job well done. Another thing that’s important, no matter what level you are is to never be afraid to ask questions and think outside the square. Respecting your customer and their intelligence is also vital – never underestimate them and always be ready to learn more.

What are you passionate about in the business events industry?
Australia has such a dynamic business events industry and establishes new standards for international event hospitality year-on-year. The industry delivers massive benefits for Australia, not just in terms of financial yield, but in providing opportunities for linkages that bring great legacies to the country, whether that’s return visitation, increased research and development opportunities and outcomes, as well as future event prospects. The honour of hosting arguable the most high profile business event in the world with the G20 in Brisbane is certainly testament to Australia’s world class capabilities in this marketplace. I’m extremely proud to be part of it.

What are you main goals for this year?
The focus this year is to deliver marketing activities that continue to raise our profile to the international visitor and develop richer content that showcases Australia and our capabilities.

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