6 things you need to know about drinks lists

The Gantry Bar manager Ben Taouss shares his top tips for creating the perfect drinks list for an event.
The Gantry Bar manager Ben Taouss
The Gantry Bar manager Ben Taouss

The Gantry Bar manager Ben Taouss shares his top tips for creating the perfect drinks list for an event.

1. Be prepared
Put together your drinks list with plenty of time to spare so the client can approve it and you can ensure enough supplies – especially if you’re doing a really bespoke cocktail that requires an unusual ingredient.

2. Be mindful of the type of crowd
That way you can pinpoint the tastes of the majority of the group. i.e. Do not include strong drinks or pale ale beers for a predominantly female crowd.

3. Be mindful of the client’s budget
It’s important not to design a drinks list that isn’t going to go way over the client’s budget i.e. Know when to serve sparkling wine instead of Champagne.

4. Variety in cocktails are important to the guest
If you have a fairly mixed crowd of men and women, choose a stronger cocktail, perhaps whisky-based, as well as a lighter cocktail that’s either vodka or gin-based.

5. For beer and wine, suggest that the client choose
People are very selective about beer and wines so it’s vital to know their taste i.e.. are they a Pinot Noir fan or a Shiraz lover?

6. Remember the client is the host so make them feel special
Attend to their needs as much as you can when designing their drinks menu. They will hire your services again and will suggest your venue to others.

Taouss’ pro-tips for bar staff:

• Create batches of drinks for better consistency
• Create section of the bar – this section is doing cocktails and that section is serving beer and wine.
• Production lines are always more efficient for smooth service
• Use different glasses for different cocktails so wait staff know what they’re serving

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