How to plan the perfect event – your FREE guide

Everything you ever wanted to know on how to plan the perfect event.

Are you ready to have a great time at your event?  Do you want to be able to enjoy the execution of the event you just created? Wouldn’t it be nice to feel calm, in control and prepared for whatever might come next?

Meet Sally Porteous, Director of The Event Planners Workshop, a DIY division of Red Lanyard.  Sally created The Event Planner Workshop to help people who planned events from time to time, have more fun, less stress and better outcomes.  She wanted to create something that was easier than signing up for an 18-month vocational course or a 3-year university degree.  She didn’t want DIY planners to have to read a million books, just to figure out their own checklist.

Sally wanted somewhere people could get as little or as much support as they needed and so 3 years ago started to develop IRL workshops and held the first one out of an old boatshed in Teneriffe Brisbane.  The catering and venue hire cost more than the course fee, but Sally knew she was able to share great strategies with participants to help them create better events.

Pivoting as most of us have had to do, The Event Planners Workshop now offers as a variety of online options including a workbook that skips you through an event plan to help draw out all the things you need to think about.  A 12-module group coaching program that not only navigates the planning process with you but gives you the templates and worksheets to be able to do it time and time again, effectively creating your own “process, and then there’s the personal hands on coaching for those people that have a multi-faceted, more complex event to create and want their event planner in their back pocket.

“With 20+ years of experience creating events, festivals, meetings, conferences, tradeshows and galas, I love nothing more than showing participants how they can have the fun they expect to have, planning the perfect event.” Sally said.

Download the free version of Sally’s “How to Plan the Perfect Event” guide from

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